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Your Rising Sign

First let's take a quick look at your ascendant, or rising sign. Astrologers want to know what zodiac sign is rising at birth, since this gives a picture of the way you appear or come across to others.

You are quick, witty, and much given to talk and communicating with others. You come across as intelligent, verbal, and perhaps a little on the nervous side. You tend to be changeable, being all things to all people.

Gemini Rising

Your Chart Data

Natal Chart for Pamela Fottrell
Aug 18, 1954
12:26:00 AM EDT +04:00
075W02'00" 39N29'00"
Placidus House System

Sun in Leo, at 24 42', in the fourth house.
Moon in Aries, at 14 21', in the eleventh house.
Mercury in Leo, at 20 52', in the fourth house.
Venus in Libra, at 09 53', in the fifth house.
Mars in Sagittarius, at 28 10', in the seventh house.
Jupiter in Cancer, at 18 59', in the second house.
Saturn in Scorpio, at 04 05', in the sixth house.
Uranus in Cancer, at 25 18', in the third house.
Neptune in Libra, at 23 47', in the fifth house.
Pluto in Leo, at 24 41', in the fourth house.
Midheaven in Aquarius, at 15 00'.
Ascendant in Gemini, at 08 22'.

Complete Natal Birth Chart 

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Your Rising Sign, Chart Data

Planets Aspects: The Sun and Moon

The Moon: The Support System    The Inner Planets: Mercury and Venus  Mercury: The Mind and Communication  

Natal Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto 

Talents, Challenges and Abilities, Focus Of Your Natal Astrology Chart

Major Life Periods, Personal Background, Current Situation

Elements, Planets In High Focus, Inner and Outer Self, Key To Your Personality, Soul Type

Major Transits Happening Now In Your Natal Chart

Astrological Houses, Areas Of Life, Influences Of The Signs