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Do you and your husband, wife, mate, fiancée, partner have a compatible relationship? How well do you relate to your business partner, friend, child, or other relative? GET A LOVE MATCH COMPATIBILITY REPORT or the PROGRESSED LOVE MATCH REPORT - SHOWING CURRENT CONDITIONS OF YOUR RELATIONSHIP! Find out how strong the relationship is, where the areas of harmony and weakness are, and get the insight on how to improve your relationship with that special someone! Receive a  Love Rating, developed by astrologer, Pamela Fottrell, member of the American Federation of Astrologers and the Astrological Society of Connecticut, USA.

Your Personal Natal Planets In Your Chart

This astrology chart explains how the planets in your personal natal charts can influence your overall chart and the signs which are connected with them.
The Sun:  Symbol for consciousness, the adult man, the father and husband Identity, character and mentality Life, energy and the unfolding of the inner self In relationships: The Sun in your astrology chart can show where you and  your love interest get along in matters of children, self-expression,  will power, creative ventures, self-confidence, major life goals.
The Moon:  Symbol for the need for attention and security The child and mother Emotions and the primary prerequisites of life Compatible partners emotional responses and family upbringing are similar.  Positive signs are domestic support for each other and emotional compatibility.
Mercury:  The way and method of communication, thinking and understanding The intellect How do you communicate with your partner? Do you think you agree on most issues, get along, or butt heads and argue? Mercury in each other's charts and how compatible they are will show areas of: exchanging ideas and information relating to work, everyday practical responsibilities, scientific and intellectual concepts, and health.   Mutual problems can be solved in compatible relationships.
Venus:  Sensuality, taste, motivation, style and harmony The quality of life Female love passions or, in a males horoscope, the essence of an attractive woman (what a man sees in a woman) In relationships, Venus in the signs, houses and aspects of your charts indicate how two people interact where financial, business, marital, social, romantic, and esthetic values are concerned.  They also show how two people will relate emotionally when they are involved in close personal interactions and to what extent the couples will enjoy each other's company.
Mars:  Self-expression, the personal approach and the method of attacking obstacles Male passions in love and romance; physical attraction or, in a females horoscope, the essence of an attractive man (what a woman sees in a man) In relationships, Mars show how couples influence each other through the desires that activate their actions; initiate actions that relate to the other in areas of: intimate desire, competition in sports or other physical activities; professional and financial ambitions. If the Mars in each other's charts are not compatible, there can be quarrels and disagreements.
Jupiter:  Growth development and maturity Confidence and ideals The feeling of personal well-being, solidity and  self-sufficiency Jupiter's influence in couples relationships are in helping each other to expand in spiritual, philosophical, educational, and social areas.  If they are compatible, they will be generous and show benevolence to each other.
Saturn: Mechanisms of self-protection: carefulness, experience and the awareness of deficiencies The recognition of the value of integrity, anxiety, personal inhibitions and limitations as warning of impending hurt or pain In relationships, Saturn shows the areas where the couples have serious duties and responsibilities towards each other.  In a karmic relationship, it will show where the debt is to be paid.  Good Saturn ties help to build structure in the couples' lives, which help fulfill their destiny and accomplish their goals.
Uranus: The rootless nomadic outsider needing personal freedom, creating new combinations from established views and circumstances New insights: intuition, innovation, variation and revolution The radical renewal of outdated structures In relationships, Uranus shows couples where they may experience new and unusual experiences. Compatible couples can inspire each other, and cultivate intuitive ideas into the underlying spiritual realities of life.  Uranus shows how each person is an agent for the other's sudden change in areas of life, for better or worse (depending on their compatibility). Does your special love interest bring excitement to your life?  Uranus shows this.
Neptune: The sacrifice of individual freedom from harm or injury for the sake of the welfare and well-being of the larger vision The taking and bearing of burdens Selflessness, spirituality and transcendence.  Existence on a level where borders are not obvious. In relationships, psychic, intuitive abilities, the imagination, the artistic tastes, and the subconscious motivations of the couple influence each other. If compatible, this can be a very good experience.  You may have telepathic links, psychic experiences, and karmic ties between you.   There may be an intuitive rapport and emotional empathy.  The couple can share esthetic, religious, spiritual and psychological values.   
Pluto: Concept representing the basic dynamics of life: death and being new-born, metamorphosis, transformation, termination, expiration and extinction, destruction, wish for oblivion Potency and powerlessness In relationships, Pluto shows the areas of the couples' lives where they bring important and irrevocable changes in each other's  lives.  There can be mutual involvement in scientific research, occult subjects, and experiences of those who have passed on.  The couple can influence each other in positive ways, such as strengthening each other's will power, and helping to improve each other's lives. They can be involved in large-scale corporate, technological, or industrial affairs.  How do you and another relate?

Get your Love Match Report! Major credit cards accepted through a secure server.  It doesn't matter where you live! Pamela Fottrell will personally calculate your astrological charts and send your Love Match Report to you within 2-3 days, via email!  Don't delay. The happiness of you and your loved one depend on knowing about your relationship and nurturing it in the most positive ways to make it work for you!   Your Love Match Report is emailed to you from Pamela Fottrell of Pam Fottrell, 2014 2014, 2290 Galloway Rd., Bensalem PA USA 06385 Note: If  you wish to pay via regular mail, using a personal check or money order, see instructions below.

Your Love Match Report is over 20 pages long and will be emailed to you in three parts: 1) Free Love Rating: The percentage of compatibility is evaluated and summarized. Find out how strong or weak your relationship really is!  2) Planets in Signs and Planets in Mutual Houses: This tells you where your Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars is in your astrological charts, and explains how you handle relationships and what you need in romance, love, companionship. Find out about your emotional attitude and that of the person you seek a special interest. The Planets in Mutual Houses indicate the areas of life you and he have this relationship. There could be an emphasis on financial matters, children, mutual pursuits in the science and arts, career, and more. 3) Planets in Aspect: This is the most crucial area that deals with how your planets in each other's charts get along, to put it simply.  This is the art of astrological synastry, which compares your charts for the areas of harmony and discord.  In addition, you receive your natal horoscope chart wheels of yourself and the second person in the report.
All of the text is easy to read, and is edited and written by Pamela Fottrell,  astrologers and writers.  This is an excellent profile and is a report about yoru charts which helps you understand the workings of astrology and how you can use it for self-help, self-improvement, knowledge, and a better understanding of how you and others relate to each other. Special Note: This report pertains to all areas of couples' lives, and can show a past life, karmic tie, and if you can be involved together on a business level.   For parents and children, this can show where you get along emotionally and mentally. Find out how compatible you are with another. 

Love Match Astrology Report: See Sample





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