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No two charts are alike, and the time, date, and place of your birth can determine so much about what you are looking for in terms of love, and what you and the other person can find out in this science and art of astrological compatibility.  Is there physical attraction and/or spiritual love? Can you handle finances, children, jobs together? What is the Love Rating? Do you have the potential for a long term relationship?  Get a Love Match Report and find out.

  • A Great Way to Know Potentials

  • Private Emailed Readings & Reports

  • How Long Will it Last?

Compatibility Reports

Your Love Match Report shows you how you match in all ways.

Pamela Fottrell Astrology Love Match Reports

  • Family Life? Is it for You? 

  • Bridging the Love, Forget the Past

  • Ideas as a Couple Starting Over


Reports by

Pam Fottrell

Emailed to you within 24-72 hours.

Relationship Astrology

It's more than your sun sign.





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  • A Natural Development of Love

  • Protection of Your Emotional Investment

  • Fresh Look About Love